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Hedera canariensis Variegata Ivy

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The lush trailing Ivy is a great beginner plant that looks fabulous draping from a shelf or hanging and is one of the top air purifying plants! It is easy care - and can suit most positions in the home making it one of the most versatile and hardy plants around- heck, these beauties can live for up to 100 years!! 

A highly sought after indoor plant with JUNGLE vibes!

  • Thrives in moderate to brightly lit spaces
  • Suitable for indoor/ patio/ shaded garden
  • water when soil dries out
  • Rotate once a week for an even shape  
  • 13cm Pot
  • Locally grown


Local Delivery:

  • $10 delivery to local suburbs (see picture

*Please contact us if you are just outside of these zones and we may be able to offer delivery options 



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