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Golden Pothos Goldilocks

Golden Pothos Goldilocks

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From the family that brought us the hardy Devil's Ivy comes the beautiful 'goldilocks' variety. It is a fast-growing, trailing, leafy plant that also doubles as an air purifier!

They are perfect plants for even the blackest of thumbs as they are almost impossible to kill! This makes them great to gift and even better for those of us who are time poor wanting to add some life to their space!

  • Thrives in natural light
  • Suitable for bright indoor/ patio/garden
  • Water when top inch of soil is dry
  • Perfect for hanging baskets/ shelves/ plant stands as the trailing vines can fall freely 
  • Locally grown
  • Available for local pickup and delivery only


Local Delivery:

  • $15 delivery to local suburbs (see picture

*Please contact us if you are just outside of these zones and we may be able to offer delivery options 

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