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Mad Plant Ladies

Ubloomd Green Gnat Traps

Ubloomd Green Gnat Traps

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Secret Green Plant Traps

This kit controls adult fungus gnats in home gardens.

  • Includes 10 x Green, functional, aesthetic traps supported by wooden stakes to fit into every potted plant. 

Control Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Aphids, White Flies and Fruit Flies. 

Flourish with Green, Healthy, Pest-Free Plants. v

Our Green Traps are double-sided, waterproof, and UV-protected. 
They are non-toxic to all furry friends and are recommended for indoor use only.

Size: Traps are 5cm round, and Wooden Support Sticks are 2cm wide and 10cm long.

Sticky Trap Falling Off: In colder months, sticky traps may become dislodged from their wooden support sticks. If this occurs, simply reattach them to the inside of the plant pot as necessary.
Alternatively, for a more elegant and durable solution, we offer Stainless Steel Trap Clips that can be added to any existing order.

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