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Mad Plant Ladies

Leaf Health Duo - We the Wild

Leaf Health Duo - We the Wild

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Up your plant game with your favourite  ‘We the Wild’ dynamic duo! The perfect gift to keep any plant lover's foliage flourishing, healthy, and shiny. Comes in a recyclable kraft mailer box.

Includes: Protect 250mL + Leaf Cleaning Gloves  150ml

  • Bio-active, natural and organic fertiliser. 
  • Fast absorbing for results you can see. 
  • Replaces the need for other fertilisers. 
  • Won’t shock plants or burn roots; safe to use year-round. 
  • All products are certified organic, pet safe, Australian made & scientifically backed. 
  • Plants weren’t made to live in pots – and that's often why they get a bit down on us. To make it worse, we tend to use products that actually hinder our plants and harm the environment. Plastic-coated fertiliser granules. Synthetic, ammonia based plant food. Petrol-based pesticides. Not anymore!

    Our formulas are squeaky clean and designed to get plants humming on their own. It’s simple; by replicating mother nature, we’re working with the natural instinct of our plants, not against them.

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