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Zanzibar Gem Kokedama

Zanzibar Gem Kokedama

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The Zanzibar Gem is a beautiful, low maintenance indoor plant with thick, glossy, green leaves. It has become a very popular indoor plant and has become known as almost un-killable due to its tolerance to low light and lack of water. Your biggest issue will be resisting the urge to water too frequently! 😉

Kokedama is the ancient Japanese art of taking a plants root system and creating a ball around it with a premium soil mixture then sphagnum moss and natural twine.


  • 1 Kokedama
  • Care instructions

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Care Instructions:

  • Water your kokedama once a month and less frequently in Winter
  • Place in a room with a lot of natural light or morning sun


  • Each kokedama is made to order.
  • Kokedama are sent out on Tuesday's

**Please Note- due to restrictions we are not able to ship plants to WA, NT or TAS as this time. 

Peace, Love & Kokedama ✌️


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